Smoke & Water Damage

Undoing The Damage Both Visually and Safely

Whether it’s from age, misfortune or neglect, water damage happens. That’s why preventative maintenance is so important. Typically you’ll notice a stained headliner. By this point you’re in trouble. Water travels along channels and where you see the problem may not be the source of the leak.

Another problem created by water damage is delamination of side walls. Final Touch has the capability to remove and install entirely new side walls when needed. (Of course we hope to help you with maintenance to avoid this!)

Finally, if the worst happens and a fire occurs – remember safety first – forget the coach and get out with your family, friends and pets. If your coach survives the fire and associated water or chemical retardant damage, Final Touch can make the damage a past memory. You won’t find a trace of water or smoke damage. You won’t smell any burnt plastics or fabrics. And every mechanical system will be checked to make sure the problem is solved. (We can even help you with fire prevention systems as well!)

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