Keep Your Rig Road-Ready with Final Touch

An RV is a complicated machine. It’s a moving house if you will – only more demanding. A house stays in one climate and doesn’t move (unless there’s a tornado or earth quake!). So it’s imperative that you maintain your RV.

First, like a pilot, walk around the coach before every “flight”. Check every pressure and fluid. Second, it’s easier to spot a problem before it happens if you keep your RV clean. So washing, cleaning and waxing will not only keep your coach looking good for years to come – it will help you prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

Make sure to check that exterior at least twice a year – once before the cold season, and once after. That’s also a great time to do a thorough waxing.

At the same time, check all systems from water to propane and electric. This becomes even more critical when you travel or live in areas that experience freezing temperatures.

Finally, stay on top of chassis maintenance. Whether motorized or towable – you need to know those axles, brakes and other mechanicals are working right!

And remember that a low mileage tire doesn’t mean anything. Replace tires based on age – not mileage. A tire blow-out can minimally cause thousands of dollars of damage to your coach and worst, cause loss of life.

So ensure your RVing adventures by putting your maintenance in the hands of the folks of Final Touch. We want to keep you safely on the road!

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