Cabinetry and Custom Finish Work

Over time an RV interior can get tired. If not from over-use then from UV rays, extreme weather or just looking out-of-date. Besides that, your needs and technology can change.

There are many things you can do to spruce up the interior of your coach. One of the nicest changes you can make is to remove those old string day-nite shades and upgrade with MCD Duo shades. No more restringing and much easier to use.

Another great way to update your coach’s interior is to give your valances and upholstery and updated look. While you’re at it, why not remove or replace the carpet and install high-line carpet, all tile or wood flooring?  This is also a great time to consider removing old mirror treatments and installing new wall paper.

If you have any water stains on your headliner – now is the time to fix your roof. (CLICK HERE for maintenance.) In some cases a cleaning will do the trick. If you have a fuzzy fabric roof – why not upgrade to padded vinyl?

Your imagination is really the only limit here. But a few things people do is upgrade their old tube TV to an HDTV flatscreen. (CLICK HERE for electronics upgrades. CLICK HERE for custom cabinetry.)

Another popular option is to replace a dinette with a custom table/computer work station option. We can even change out your combo washer-dryer and build a custom kennel for your furry travel friends!

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