HDTV Brings Football and NASCAR to Life

Just because your RV is a few years old doesn’t mean you have to replace it. Bring in your coach and we’ll remove those old, heavy and out-dated tube-type television sets.

Then we’ll modify your cabinets to look like the work was done originally at the factory. What you will end up with is a beautiful flat screen plasma, LED or LCD HDTV.

While making the upgrade, you may want to improve your surround sound and add a Blu-Ray DVD player. And while your coach is in our shop – get that roof checked out. Leaks are never welcome and while we’re up there – maybe you want to add a fully automatic satellite dish?

There are a lot of choices and we can walk you through all of them from the simplest upgrade to the most state-of-the-art THX level audio and video viewing experience.

Your RV can either be your home or your home away from home. Now it can deliver a theater quality audio-video experience.

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