Collision Repair

Good As New Is Our Promise

Repairing collision damage on an RV is not the same as a car. An RV is made up of metal, composites and fiberglass. At Final Touch, we are experts in all these materials. Even if your coach is out of production, our facility can repair or re-create parts so your coach will be as good as new – and that’s a promise.

Beyond the surface, good collision repair looks at more than the surface damage. Final Touch makes sure everything is in alignment, that anything nearby is undamaged so you can get back on your way with confidence.  Finally, we go through an extensive process to color match your RVs finish. We use state-of-the-art equipment that measures colors in multiple light conditions and from various angles.

We not only repair and repaint your coach, we can also assist with the insurance process, to make what could be a daunting process a pain-free one. And when you leave Final Touch we promise your RV will look as good as new. Check out some  of our work by CLICKING HERE.

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