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Our Holiday Rambler is ten years old and was looking very tired. The vinyl graphics were cracked and faded. The gelcoat was chalky and the painted areas had the clearcoat burned through in several places on the side that see the most sun in storage.

I decided to get it repainted and initially was going to go to Precision Painting RV in Bremen, IN. I have seen their work and it is first class and reasonably priced. They offer six standard graphic patterns and paint awnings as standard. However, the expense and inconvenience of getting our motorhome to Indiana and back made us look at options closer to home.

I looked at four places ranging greatly in price and quality. I settled on Final Touch Coach Works after visiting and seeing the quality of their repair work. By adapting the existing graphics, not painting the awnings or the slideout sides considerable expense was avoided and full body paint became affordable.

Joel said that replicating the paint all along the bottom and the mask around the windshield would make the design look dated and suggested that we make some changes there at no extra cost. It took us two fairly long sessions with Luis and Joel to settle on the colors. My wife and I printed out a picture of our motorhome in the original scheme and made a tracing that we could draw changes on after the first session. We used crayons to try various colors and to draw the major upper front and lower rear patterns. This less helpful with colors than graphics. We left a copy with Luis with all of the areas marked for chosen colors. After the second session we brought the test panel home to live with for a few days before paining was to begin. We really liked the colors this time.

One of the main reasons I chose Final Touch was that they said that they do three coats of clearcoat and color sand and polish. Locally, only the much more expensive shop did that. The other options that were in Final Touch’s price range did not.

Joel and Luis were easy to work with and did not try to rush us in choosing colors, which is very hard for most people. Final Touch has an excellent paint capability and I would go there again.

Ray De Long

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Final Touch Coach is Southern California's premier Motorhome, RV and Travel Trailer Repair/Body and Paint Facility.
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