Keep the Outside Out

Mishaps do occur and you can end up with a roof looking like this.

What’s worse is that every year there is a lot of damage to your roof that isn’t so obvious – and both can cause you a lot of grief and expense if not repaired before winter sets in. That’s what this segment of “In the Shop” is all about.

In the show now at Final Touch Coachworks are a slew of coaches with problems just like this. Final Touch Coachworks has specialized tools that do air pressure testing on the interior of your RV so besides the obvious tears, rips and holes, minor flaws in the body and your roof can be spotted before your headliner has streaks, your RV walls separate or the cabinetry soaks up moisture and rots.

For more information on how to care for your RV before a problem arises, call Final Touch Coachworks today.

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