Paint and Collision

Hail Damage

Sometimes you’ve got the perfect RV for your needs – it just doesn’t look it any more. Add to that some severe body and paint damage from a hail storm – you know the kind – mother natures’ idea of a baseball game. Frank had such an RV and was also a bit of an “Easy Rider” as well. A professional photographer and motorcycle enthusiast – His newly painted coach left him one happy camper.

RV 1. Drunk Driver 0.

All you have to do is look at the “before” pictures to understand why this job was a nightmare. A drunk driver slammed a truck into the back of this RV, ripping off part of the rear cap and a storage compartment. Putting it back together was a challenge made more difficult by the fact that it’s a Monaco coach, and Monaco was not in business at the time. That left us pretty much on our own since we couldn’t get many replacement parts. Using all the resources in our 22,000-square-foot Santa Clarita facility, our body technicians removed and rebuilt the rear cap and storage compartment door. But, the storage compartment itself was another matter. The replacement vessel that the insurance company suggested did not please our customer, Maria. When we saw that, we went to work. After much research and many calls, we drove to a plastics company in Orange County, where they custom-built the storage compartment to our exact specifications. We’re proud of that kind of “final touch.”

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