Paint and Collision

Going Above And Beyond

This customer is a full-timer. When she needed some repairs, she called Final Touch. We answered her questions, but there was one problem… she thought we were too far away. We gave her a recommendation of a reputable RV Repair facility closer to her home. She called back a day later and said the facility wanted her coach for 3 days just to do the estimate. We decided to send our estimator to her home. She was so pleased, she decided to have us do the work. We researched and ordered all parts prior to her bringing in the coach. We also took care of the insurance claim for her. The project included five new compartment doors, a rebuilt fender skirt, fiberglass repair of the front and rear caps, as well as paint and interior repairs. We promised her that we would have it done in 9 business days. She believed us; her friends did not. They now believe. One hitch – one of the new doors did not fit properly. We re-ordered the door, and when we received it a week later, we took it to her and installed it right there. Another happy customer!

“Oh, Deer!”

Alan and Joanne said a lot more than “Oh dear”, when they encountered a buck on the highway. That was traumatic enough – but how to deal with the aftermath? Fortunately, they had a friend who had been to Final Touch and told them that their coach could be as good as new. After some expert fiberglass work and custom paint matching, Alan and Joanne can be seen smiling in front of their coach – as good as new.

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