Paint and Collision

For All the Tree Lovers

Apparently other drivers aren’t the only thing to worry about when taking care of your RV. The Tunget’s Encore sports coach was parked safely, or so they thought, when a tree came crashing down on to it. The tree caused fiberglass damage to the front cap of the RV as well as shattered the whole right side of their front windshield. They brought the coach to Final Touch and we were able to fix both areas of the damage no problem and get the Tunget’s back out on the road where they will now beware the trees!

Dolphin Brought Back to Life

This coach brings back good memories for us. It is what we fondly call “the Dolphin coach.” It’s owned by Cordell and Dana. The “before” images are nice enough, but the coach looks a little old-fashioned, with a “70s” sort of look. Cordell and Dana wanted to get with the times and update it. But perhaps the biggest challenge was to find just the right colors. Dana knew what she wanted, but couldn’t find the exact shade of blue. No problem, we told her, we will create it for you. Our paint technician mixed several different shades of silver and blue. It took many tries and some seven hours, but we eventually hit on the perfect combination. Dana got exactly what she wanted, and says she LOVES the colors. Now, she and Cordell have a beautifully updated coach with an abstract rendering of dolphins and water, with the dolphins seeming to “fly” through the ocean waves.

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