Paint and Collision

A Little Bit of Patriotism

The Sears brought their coach in because it needed a little tender loving care. They had some damage to the front cap as well as on their back fender. We fixed those problems without a problem when they decided that they wanted to add a little something special to the back of their coach. We looked at many different decals and designs but we think they picked just the right one with a tribute to the great United States of America.

Bondo Oh-No!

The Renderos’ repair job started at another shop, but when the customer became concerned with the work being done, they decided to bring the RV over to Final Touch. THANK GOODNESS they did! The green stuff you see in the pictures is a substance called bondo that is typically used in one step of repairing fiberglass cracks. However, the other shop had simply layered it on top of the fiberglass cracks and this is NOT the way to fix this problem. This repair job would most definitely have led to more cracks just a few years down the line. Here in our shop we removed the bondo, filling in the cracks on both sides with more fiberglass BEFORE finally sealing it with bondo. We sent off the Renderos with a job that looked like new and would definitely help them avoid visits to have this problem re-fixed in the near future. Let’s just say that they were much happier campers when they left then when they came.

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