Paint and Collision

Rear Cap Rescue

The Sicora’s are full-timers who travel all over the country to speak to youths. On this one particular trip they had driven over 7,000 miles from San Francisco to New Jersey, down to Florida, and back to California. However, it was the last 40 feet of their trip that proved most troublesome. While backing out of a friend’s driveway, Mr. Sicora failed to see a pole and backed right up onto it, almost ripping the rear cap clean off when he tried to go forward. When they brought the trailer to Final Touch the rear cap was hanging on by a thread. The Sicora’s stayed in their trailer at the shop through the whole repair process and, barely missing a beat, were off to their next speaking engagement in no time.

Schells, Dolphins, and Street Sweepers

A knock on the door in the middle of the night rarely precedes good news, and when the Schell’s opened their door to the police bad news is exactly what they got. They were told that their 2004 National Dolphin LX had been in an accident at the storage yard it was being kept at. A street sweeping vehicle’s throttle got stuck while being driven and plowed into the side of the Schell’s coach sandwiching it against a fifth-wheel. It then proceeded to push the fifth-wheel into yet another vehicle on the other side. Mr. Schell had gotten an estimate from us for a complete paint job a while back after liking the work he saw on the Final Touch website and after getting a recommendation from his insurance company he decided to have the coach towed to us for that paint job now coupled with quite a bit of body work! Mr. Schell was very involved in the whole process even helping our master painter, Luis, design the dolphin and palm tree illustration on the side of the coach. With all the damage repaired and new paint and graphics the Dolphin looks even better than before the accident!

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