Paint and Collision

Old-World Craftsmenship Body Work and Color Matching

The Sheridan’s 2000 Blue Bird Bus

When the diesel heating went out on their 2000 Blue Bird bus, the Sheridans drove from Utah to Lake Havasu in search of a repair shop only to incur more damage to the rear cap and left rear panel after a run in with a light post! After a month of searching for a repair shop to take their 2nd home to, they finally decided to bring it to us here at Final Touch. The rear cap was removed so that the damage could be fixed from the inside out. The Blue Bird has been out of commission for a few months but after some TLC from our body and paint crew it is back out on the road again.

Off To The Races

Here’s the story of what happened to Bobby and Shirley Donald’s 2008 Monaco Camelot in their own words:

“The accident happened on our way from a Las Vegas NASCAR race to our next rally at Calico Ghost Town. We pulled into an inspection station outside of Barstow slowing down behind a row of cars. The line started going but the car in front of us did not move and we hit her in the rear end. She was on her cell phone and did not see the cars move in front of her. Of course we were to blame. The rally was only a few miles away so we went there and that was where our first set of friends told us about Final Touch and we immediately got an appointment and the rest is history.”

We were able to repair all the damage to the front cap, generator door, and front compartment doors and they were back on the road and headed to their next race almost as quickly as a racecar going from 0-60 mph!

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