Make Overs

His Design, Our Delivery

Not all the coaches that come to Final Touch have shattered windshields or front caps falling off. Some customers bring their RVs to us for a little makeover. With our state-of-the-art painting facility, John Lombardo had definitely come to the right place for this makeover. His was actually a little more of a “make-under” as he was looking for a more simplified design for his coach. He told us what he wanted and we went to work to make his vision come through. Without all of the graphics on the back and sides of the coach, the end result was an edgy, revived RV with a sleek, mirrored look and a very happy owner.

An ALS Success Story

Final Touch Coach Works CFO Joel Forte says, “It sounds corny, but this really was a labor of love.” And that really best describes our work on this RV owned by Kenny and Sandi of Bakersfield. The vehicle had been renovated to accommodate Sandi’s wheelchair. Now, the couple needed a new paint job. Sandi found a picture on the internet of a coach she liked, and came to Final Touch to re-create the design for her. But right away, we discovered a fundamental flaw in the coach. It was “checking”, meaning the fiberglass material beneath the paint was fracturing, creating tiny lines beneath the surface of the side panels. No paint job can be perfect until “checking” is corrected, so Final Touch Coach Works donated its time—a massive 150 hours of labor—to fix the flaw. But it was worth it: when the body work and paint job were complete, we surprised Sandi with the final product. She gave us two big thumbs up!

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