Make Overs

Never Letting A Foretravel Go

Foretravel motorhomes are like the Mercedes-Benz of RVs so even when they become outdated owners rarely want to let go of these luxury vehicles. This was definitely the case with the Dorrs and their 1998 Foretravel. While they love their rig, they wanted to update the paint and graphics and make it look like new again. Our painter looked to the designs on newer models of the same RV for inspiration and to stay true to the Foretravel “look”, while adding a few twists to the design to make it unique to the Dorr’s vehicle. Adding brand new top of the line captain’s chairs and installing new flooring gave their Foretravel that new, updated feeling they were looking for and helped them to fall in love with their coach all over again.

Big Rig’s Big Makeover

Mr. Whitten brought his 1999 International 9400 rig to Final Touch Coach Works wanting to jazz up the look of the vehicle with some custom graphics. After repairing a few body issues, such as a missing piece of fiberglass on the front cap and some rock chips in the body of the rig, our painters were able to start on the full body paint job. Adding a bold black to the body as well as some custom graphics to the side and across the top gave this big rig lots of dimension that it was lacking before. After the job, Mr. Whitten drove off with his snazzy looking rig, Smart Car in tow and all.

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