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An RV–and Health–Overhaul for the Powells

The Powells have been RV owners since 1972 when they bought a 20–foot trailer to live in while Mr. Powell was serving in the military. In 2003, with retirement on the horizon for both Mr. and Mrs. Powell, they purchased a brand new 2003 Tiffin Allegro that they knew was going to be their home for many years to come. It’s been over 10 years since they first drove they’re bus off the lot and with time, as well as the average of 7,000 miles a year they put on it, it was time for an RV overhaul. They decided to get brand new MCD shades as well as a full-body paint job to update the look of their coach. After looking at a couple other well-known RV shops, they made the decision to bring their coach to Final Touch Coach Works for its makeover.
In the time that the Powell’s bus was in our shop, Mr. Powell shared a little bit about his life with us. While their Allegro bus was being made over in our shop, he was going through a health overhaul of his own. Having retired from the Edwards Air Force Base in 2004 due to a heart condition and persistent hand tremors, Mr. Powell underwent surgery to have a “Deep Brain Stimulation” procedure. During this procedure, he had two holes bored into his skull where wires were attached and ran down the back of his ear and into a “battery pack” on his chest. This device sends electrical signals to specific parts of the brain that in turn control the tremors in his hands. Mr. Powell went from not being able to hold a cup of coffee or a forkful of food to being able to sit and eat a Christmas meal with his family that same year. With his health on the mend and a new positive outlook on life, he and his wife were anxiously anticipating the completion of their coach.
The Powell’s have lived in Lake Los Angeles since 1981 and since they do not have a barn or garage to store their RV they wanted to avoid dark colors to ensure that the inevitable wear-and-tear on the coach would be less noticeable than with the vinyl graphics they had originally on the coach. However, still wanting color, they decided on a cool gold tone with hues of green and brown for the graphics. The new look was completed with a mural of the mountains on the rear cap. The Powell’s were so impressed by the work done and drove off happier—and healthier—than ever in their fresh, re-vamped coach.


As seen on our “In the Shop” section, the FLXIBLE bus is finally complete! Read the story and check out the gallery below:
Michael Kersnick and Donna Mozzone own a small classic automobile collection in Burbank, California which includes a Silver Streak travel trailer. When they went to a show looking for more vintage travel trailers they never expected it would be a bus and not another travel trailer that they would soon be adding to their collection. An ad on Craigslist alerted them to the sale of a classic travel trailer which was WAY too long to fit in the driveway. On the property stood a 1961 FLXIBLE bus. The owner said “might you be interested in the bus?” They thought the bus was cool but being even bigger than the trailer, it was not practical.
They mentioned the bus to their good buddy Jim Zalabsky, who took an interest. After traveling to see the bus, Jim recommended that they should not just walk away. While Jim was growing up, his father had owned a number of buses which he would lease out. It was because of them that he acquired the skills for doing maintenance and repair after school, on weekends and during the summer. He learned how to drive the buses as well and it was really special whenever his dad would buy a new one which required a road trip to pick it up and an exciting ride home.
So Jim got fired up about this bus. With its quality built in cabinetry and vintage décor the interior is like a time capsule from the 70s (though, they did ditch the gold shag carpeting) but the outside definitely needed some work. After suggesting to Donna and Michael that this would be an “interesting project” they decided to buy the bus. It’s been two and a half years since they bought it and with Jim focusing on the mechanics the bus is road ready and finally Final Touch completed the exterior restoration. The bus looks cool and clean and the techs were able to keep it’s vintage flair. We can only imagine how many double-takes this bus gets when it cruises down the street.

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