Step Up to the Surface of Your Choice

Hold the H2O

The Rudowsky’s fell asleep one night with the sink faucet on and woke up to a main cabin filled with water. The water damaged their wood flooring and carpet, causing both to bubble. They cut a hole in the floor right above a storage compartment to allow the water to drain out of the cabin and then they brought their Dutch Star to Final Touch so that we could fix the problems. After we patched up the hole in their floor, we replaced the carpet in the main cabin and, at the customer’s request, swapped out the old wood floors for new tiles. Thus, in addition to the repairs, the Rudowsky’s coach gained a nice new look for their interior.

Water Leaks and Age Took Their Toll

It’s hard enough on the flooring of an RV. And when you add water damage the results are horrific. This is a great coach except for the that fact. Final Touch removed the old carpet, repaired the flooring and cabinet bases. and then expertly installed new carpet. What a difference. And as you can see the owners are happy to have their beautiful coach back – ready for a new season on the road!

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